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As part of their mid-career survey Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: Industry of the Ordinary 2003-2013, at the Chicago Cultural Center, Industry of the Ordinary solicited a number of Chicago-based artists to make their portrait, in a wide variety of media. IOTO’s interest was in creating a collective work that reveals the artists behind the portraits, reflects on the place of the portrait in contemporary art practice and considers the motivations behind the enduring urge to fashion a likeness.


Zach Abubeker
Born 1985, Peoria, Illinois, www.zachabubeker.com
Average, 2012
Handmade book


Alberto Aguilar
Born 1974, Chicago, Illinois, www.albertoaguilar.org
Boliche Che-Che, 2012
Wood, latex paint, hardware, a laundry basket and a clay vessel, sound



Teresa Albor
Born 1957, Fort Worth, Texas, www.teresaalbor.com
Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, 2012
Acrylic/oil on canvas panel with gilt frames


Brandon Alvendia
Born 1977, Chicago, Illinois, www.alvendia.net
Untitled Correspondence (August 6, 2012), 2012
Typewritten paper, plant



Tim Anderson
Born 1954, Evanston, Illinois, www.timandersonart.com
Industry of the Ordinary, 2012
Oil and graphite on canvas



Duncan Robert Anderson
Born 1969, Albuquerque, New Mexico, www.kasiakaygallery.com
Tree growth and bark pattern futilely detailing, over centuries, observed, forgotten, historical incident in indecipherable alphabet and oblique symbolic gesture, 2012
Mixed media



Caitlin Arnold
Born 1985, Chicago, Illinois, www.caitlinarnold.com
Untitled, 2012
Archival inkjet print