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As part of their mid-career survey Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: Industry of the Ordinary 2003-2013, at the Chicago Cultural Center, Industry of the Ordinary solicited a number of Chicago-based artists to make their portrait, in a wide variety of media. IOTO’s interest was in creating a collective work that reveals the artists behind the portraits, reflects on the place of the portrait in contemporary art practice and considers the motivations behind the enduring urge to fashion a likeness.


Juan Angel Chávez
Born 1971, La Junta, Chihuahua, Mexico, www.juanangelchavez.com
Talking back, 2012
Found objects


Alicia Chester
Born 1980, Austin, Texas, www.aliciachester.com
Resolution, 2012
High-definition video


Alex Chitty
Born 1979, Miami, Florida, www.alexchitty.com
The Last Two Strides, 2012
Aluminum, spraypaint, plywood, C-print


Citizen Brick (Duncan MacKenzie and Joe Trupia, with Ashley Zenner and Marvin Chan)
MacKenzie, born 1976, Calgary, Canada; Trupia, born 1976, New York, New York, www.citizenbrick.com
Ordinary Parade, 2012
Lego and ink



Clockwork International (Theo Boggs and Peter Skvara)
Boggs, born 1983, Evanston, Illinois, www.theodoreboggs.com
Skvara, born 1985, Chicago, Illinois, www.peterskvara.com
The Average Height of Two Brits (Imperial), 2012
Imperial tape measure


Kelli Connell
Born 1974, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, www.kelliconnell.com
Gentlemen's Holiday, 2012
Archival Ink Jet Print


Antonia Contro
Born 1957, Chicago, Illinois, www.antoniacontro.com
The Dukes of IOTO, 2012
Ink on paper, framed




Bob Crawford
Born 1939, Chicago, Illinois, Conversation with Bob Crawford
Untitled, 2012; Untitled, 1971
Black and white photographs